Kathryn Kidman
Kathryn Kidman
As werewolf
Kathryn in her werewolf form
Played by Ivana Miličević
Films Howling Reborn

Kathryn Kidman is mother of Will Kidman and main antagonist of Howling Reborn. She is Alpha Werewolf.


When she is attacked and apparently killed by a werewolf. 

It is revealed that Kathryn is still alive but has become a werewolf. Kathryn kills Will's father, then goes to Will's school to explain Will's werewolf heritage to him. 

Kathryn captures Eliana to force Will to become a werewolf. Will fights Kathryn with weapons, but Kathryn is too powerful to be killed by silver bullets. Another werewolf raveal to be Eliana attacks her and rips her heart out.