The Wolf Man is a minor antagonist in the Cirque du Freak series, appearing prominently in the book The Vampire's Assistant.


Darren ShanEdit

Darren sees the Wolf Man when he visits the Cirque du Freak.

Darren joining the CirqueEdit

Darren and Mr. Crepsley join up with the Cirque Du Freak after a few months of traveling around. Darren shares a tent with anther performer; a snake boy called Evra Von who he befriends instantly (after a small incident with Evra’s Snake).

Darren and Evra soon befriend Sam Grest who they find wondering round the camp site, all three of them go to an abandoned railway station where they meet R.V. who is an eco-warrior. Darren then invites Sam and R.V. to the Cirque’s next performance. During all of these events Darren is still refusing to drink blood and is becoming weak and suffering dizzy spells.


R.V. sees the Wolf Man locked up in the cage and after the show he tries to release him; Darren sees R.V. doing this and tries to stop him but the Wolf Man escapes and bites R.V.’s arms off (which R.V. blames on Darren) and the Wolf Man runs off into the forest where Sam is hiding.

Darren follows Sam and the Wolf Man to the railway station where Sam is hiding. Darren and Sam try to run to a safer hiding space but the Wolf Man attacks them. Darren could have bested the wolf man but he was very weak due to lack of human blood.

Darren is knocked unconscious and wakes up to find the Wolf Man eating Sam, who dies soon after. The Wolf Man attacks Darren; Mr. Crepsley comes and knocks the Wolf Man unconscious (twisting the head of the Wolf Man to one side) and some Little People come to take the Wolf Man back to his cage. Mr. Crepsley then tells Darren of how he can preserve some of Sam’s memories by draining his blood and Darren reluctantly drinks Sam’s Blood.